5 Fun Motorcycle Racing Games For Kids

If you have kids at home, you must be knowing that they fantasize about riding fancy bikes. You can let them experience the fun and thrill of riding a bike without danger through some amazing motorbike games. But as a parent, you need to keep track of your child’s activity and with these selected games, you can ensure unlimited fun for them. These games are simple and safe, and they are perfect for young kids who enjoy racing. In Child care centers teachers allow kids to play motorbike games to help them develop their minds and improve their multitasking skills.

Best 5 Bike Racing Games for Your Child :

Hill Climbing racing : This game is available on the Android and iOs platforms. In this game, the player is supposed to climb a mountain with a bike with a limited oil supply. The rider needs to ride the bike on hilly slopes, crossing bumpy terrain while collecting coins on the way. It is a simple control game suitable for all ages. Although the game does not have any finishing point the player should aim to build a high score and compete with his best effort.

Moto X3M : This is a racing game available on Android, iOs, and Windows platforms. It has 22 levels and each level features different obstacles to provide your child with endless entertainment. As they start playing, kids get to select bikes and helmets according to their choice. In the game, they have to beat the time while traversing around and crossing off-road circuits to clear the levels. This is quite an easy controlling game and your child can play it with the keyboard’s arrow keys. Child Care Covina, CA preschool teachers suggest parents play this game with their kids to give them the feel of the real fun of bike racing.

Bike Mania : Bike Mania is an off-road biking game available on Android and ios Platforms. In this game, the player must try to clear the obstacle-filled track in as little time as possible. It tests participant’s agility as he/she navigate through the obstacles without losing balance. The game controls are quite simple and players can accelerate, decelerate or jump over the extremes blocking your way.

Dirt Bike Mini Racer : This game is mainly available on the iOS platform. It is a thrilling racing game targeting young kids. It is not a usual type of racing game as here, the bike goes off-road on curvy rough terrain and tests the player’s balance abilities. Child care center teachers allow kids to play this game as it helps to develop their concentration power.

Trial Extreme : Trial Extreme is a 3D graphic game available on Android and iOS platforms. This is a bike riding game that gives real-life experience. Here, the tracks are filled with loops and obstacles that give the highest adrenaline rush. The player enjoys overcoming the challenge and develops his/her attention power and balancing skills. In the game as the player clears more levels, he/she will be able to customize the bike according to their choice.