5 Fun and Interactive Reading Games for Kids

Language forms an essential part of our lives, and learning the basic concepts of it can sometimes be quite challenging for preschoolers. Adults try to implement them as an everyday task or a thing to be taught, which can make some toddlers sway away from reading or writing altogether. However, in most Preschools, teachers teach their kindergarteners through different interactive games or activities. Kids love these fun and entertaining games and learn basic concepts quite easily. Moreover, through these games, kids also improve their interest in getting to know a language better.

Reading Games for Kids :

There are various fun-filled and enjoyable reading games for youngsters that you can opt for and help your child start developing the attraction for reading books.

The Treasure Hunt :

Start your child on discovering the magic of reading by introducing him to the happiness of solving a riddle and getting a prize.

What you need :
  • A bunch of paper cards
  • Pencil
  • Various objects for gifts
How to play :

Rather than turn reading into a rigorous task, let your kids start finding out how reading is so integral to any part of their lives. Hide his favorite toys or even the new ones along with a few chocolates or gifts in different places of the house. About those hiding places, write down simple clues or riddles on a piece of paper. Even a simple line like ‘where you water the plants’ can be enough. Make your child can read simple sentences and read the clue loudly, answer it, and then find the hidden object. In the City of Industry, CA Montessori schools teachers play this game with the groups who can read simple sentences.

Word-based Snakes and ladders :

Play snakes and ladder with an interesting twist. Replace the numbers with easy to read words.

What you need :
  • A snake and ladder board
  • Game-related items
  • A felt pen
How to play :

You can purchase a special board of this variation or else, use a pen and write some simple words that your child can read on all the 100 squares and say the words aloud as he passes them.

Guess the Word :

Preschool teachers play this guessing game with their students as it requires larger participation from your end but it directly helps the child comprehend complex questions easily.

What you need :
  • A dictionary
  • Paper cards
  • A pen
How to play :

Use a dictionary or write various words on flashcards and put them all in a bucket. Let your child take one word from the bucket and tell you the number of letters in it. You now ask him certain questions that can be answered either in a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Ask questions such as ‘does the word have vowels’ or ‘is it an animal’ so that your child also has to use thinking skills before he answers your questions.

These games are quite fun playing with the new readers and they will definitely grow a liking for reading and learning. Adults can also join kids and play together as this is a great way to bond with your little ones.