Tips to increase concentration level in kids

Kids are always high-spirited and fun-loving. It is a difficult task to ask them to sit somewhere for a while to focus on a specific thing to complete the task. This is not about a single child; it is about every child. The reason behind this is a lack of concentration. That is why here we have mentioned some tips that will help you increase your child's concentration level.

Let’s read them out carefully:

Good sleep

A good night's sleep is very important for everyone; it plays a significant role in overall health and improves concentration.

According to research, including 27 minutes of extra sleep per night in your child's routine can help them manage their impulses and moods. It helps the kids address their concentration problems. It helps increase their focus on homework and increases their concentration level.

Rather than a good night’s sleep, 20 to 30 minutes of a power nap in the afternoon or evening after school hours can improve concentration in children. Sleep improves memory union—the capacity to produce lasting memories. Proper sleep helps to improve the neural connections that form our memories. It helps improve the concentration level.

Minimize distractions

Noise can distract the child's mind, and they find difficulties in their concentration. So this is very crucial when choosing the ambiance for your child.

We suggest that if your child is doing something, try to avoid conversation with other people in front of them and don’t turn on the television.

As parents, you try to set a good example in front of your child. Try to keep silent when your child is busy with their study; it will help them focus on their activities.

Build in planned breaks

After some time, they need to move around and do different tasks when they are concentrating on a particular task. It will be beneficial for them to take some time to rest and recharge their bodies after doing a task. You can also ask them to take a play break or prepare a snack for them.

Set a time to do homework

If you repeat the same activity every day, it can become a habit. So you can try this with your child and ask them to sit down at a particular time to complete their homework.

After some time, it will become their routine, and during the hour, they don’t need as much effort or concentration to focus. Their minds will be prepared for the time when they have to do homework.


These are some tips that will help you increase your child's concentration. Concentration plays a significant role in every child's academic life, so you need to focus on it. If you choose our child care in La Puente, CA , here, our team will always focus on getting your child to concentrate on a particular thing and do the activities that will help improve the focus.