The Importance of Water Consumption For Kids

Human bodies are made up of 70 percent water. To maintain that balance and have a functional body, the body must stay hydrated throughout the day. Hydrated bodies have less trouble regulating temperature, digesting food, and excreting waste out the body. Unfortunately, the child's body is more prone to the process of dehydration. This is why it is essential to introduce them to the importance of water as early as possible.

You must be wondering about the probable importance of water; let's burst the bubble; there are many. Child care West Covina, CA, has listed some crucial ones below. So without any delay, let's go ahead and have a brief look at some of them.

Let's begin!

What makes water important?

Here, we will discuss some of the essential factors that make water consumption valuable. The factors are listed below.

  • Natural Energy booster: Children are not much aware of the benefits of water, nor do they realize properly when they get thirsty. From the beginning, the child must be encouraged to drink water. This will act as a natural way of keeping them energized. Lethargic kids will get prone to diseases, while active kids will have a healthier life in the present and the future.
  • Healthy digestion: Consuming a healthy amount of water will keep the stomach happy. This will make the kids less cranky and more enthusiastic about going out for a play. Additionally, their immunity will increase. A healthy stomach means healthy bowel movement. This would keep the kid away from any unwanted stomach pain or uneasiness. At Childcare, Daycare, all the teachers make sure the kids consume a healthy amount of water before and after the meal.
  • No more dry mouth or cracked lips: Getting dehydrated becomes much easier during summer. Kids without the proper amount of hydration will have dry mouths or cracked lips. These are some of the most prominent signs of dehydration in kids. Regular water consumption will keep the skin hydrated and sway away from the problems. The fluids help in maintaining the balance.
  • Your child will be saved from heat strokes: Popularly known as sunstroke, it is a serious phenomenon that happens due to a lack of hydration. While playing, children might face something similar if he/she is lacking the minimum amount of hydration. To avoid any kind of medical emergencies, keep your child hydrated with the proper amount of glucose and water. Teachers of child care West Covina, CA, ensure that kids receive proper hydration while playing on the ground.

Let's face the truth; kids are not a big fan of water. Water is the last thing on their mind when getting thirsty. They tend to get drawn toward unhealthy sweetened juices and flavored milk, which might quench the thirst but play a negligible role in providing nutrition. Through habit and teaching, they would grasp the value of consuming water. Need help? You can contact Childcare, Daycare and get reliable suggestions on the process of keeping your child hydrated.