Never Compromise With The Play Times Of Your Children

You have done with your stationery shopping, pack the lunch box; arrange the backpack and the kids are officially going to the school. The summer break was a happy time for them that set them free from the schedule of school time. Now, it is the reverse game as the kids have to start their morning routine that includes school drop and pick up. Apart from that, the days are also full of school-related commitments. As a result, most of the students stay away from the playground. Even if the kids get time, they feel exhausted to enjoy in the field and prefer to have some screen time.

It is the common scenario as the parents of the Montessori La Puente, CA express the same anecdotes. As per the renowned child psychologist, both the parents and children have become both physically and mentally stressed. It is better to have some break so that there will be no monotony in daily life. And the best thing you must do is to encourage your kids to have some time to play by themselves.

Playing in the playground on a regular basis, it a great way to maintain the balance of life. Many parents of the Child care Walnut, CA like to enroll their kids from the tender age thinking that it will entertain them in a creative way. However, in reality, the kids don’t need much guidance in the early age as they love to explore new things by themselves only.

It is true that it is important for the children to play with their parents, but they must have some time exclusively for themselves. The playtime will be completely kids directed and they can do it efficiently. Even in the Child care Walnut, CA; the kids are encouraged to play independently.

Dr. Murry, the leading pediatrician and author in the American Academy of Pediatrics said, "Excess pre-planned, adult-controlled time hampers children's ability to develop and practice their social skills, problem solving, creativity, and interpersonal communication skills. These are critical life skills,"

If you think that your child is under stress for the after school activities, then let it go. Instead, he can utilize the time in the park. When you will take a look at how happy your child after having a playtime, you can realize.

Apart from that, there are a few advantages that the Montessori La Puente, CA always keep in mind.

  • Regular playtime will help you to raise a healthy child. When they will run, jump, throw balls, pull, lift, catch and do many other activities, their muscle will be healthier. They will gain weight too.
  • When they will go to the playground and mingle with other kids, their social skill will be enhanced.
  • Outdoor playtime has a huge impact to develop the sensory skills of the kids. From vision power to gripping control; they have improved ability.
  • It has been proven that the children who play regularly have a better attention span and take part in different activities more eagerly.