Montessori activities for 5 years kids

At the age of 5, children start working on their phonic activities in their schools. The activity is like pronouncing a letter, and then they hear how it sounds. The Montessori City of Industry, CA , experts said that if they try these kinds of activities at home, it will help them a lot to enhance their skills. Here we have mentioned some speaking, listening, and numeracy activities that will help your kids a lot.

Let’s enjoy reading and trying them at home during your free time.

Phonic games

You can try it with your kid’s bingo or snap with letters and it sounds. Make flashcards of the letters and use them to play a snap. Also, you can design an eight-box bingo card, each box containing a letter.

Put the flashcards into a pile, face down, and take turns to be the bingo caller.

You can also try "I spy" games (like asking for something that starts with a or b, using the letter sound).

Listening games

Play the listening games like Simon says—this kind of game helps to practice listening, speaking, and memory skills without even noticing them.

Listen to music and talk about the instruments being played—find pictures on the internet together.

Also, you can enjoy listening to music and talking about the instruments being played, and then find the pictures on the internet.

Screen games

You watch a TV program with your kids and link it to any book or story. Also, discuss with them what they like and don’t like about the character and the story.

Also, find some story-telling sites, story-telling TV programs, or story apps for your phone.

Action games

You can also try action games with your kids, like covering a chair with a towel and asking your kids to tell you a story, whether it is related to a family member or a friend.

Enjoy dressing up with clothes and props at home and motivate your child to dress up as a character and act in any of their favorite stories. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on props and clothes; you can buy them from any charity shop.

Reading books of all kinds together

Read the books with your kids; pick the book of your kid's interest. We must suggest you choose a book full of images that will attract your loved ones to read. You can make a record or make a video to make it fun or interesting.

Do we suggest you pick up a book from the free eBook library to share on-screen?


These are some activities you can try at home with your kids to develop their skills. This is not enough to send them to any preschool or any playground. The Daycare City of Industry, CA can be a good choice for your kids if you are looking for it. We have a professional team to take care of your kids.