How You Can Celebrate Your Kids’ First Birthday Without Throwing A Party

Is your child’s first birthday approaching? Do you have any planning about how you are going to celebrate the day? You may have or have not. But there is no denying that for most of the parents, children’s birthdays are the most special and remarkable day of the year. On top of it, if it is the first birthday of the little one, then their joy and happiness would be beyond any limit. So, if you have not planned anything yet, you can read through the following ways to celebrate the day differently without throwing a big party.

According to the teachers of Montessori City of Industry, CA, it is not always about spending huge sums of money on throwing a party. Having a good time with your kids and your family is the most important thing you can do to make the day even more special.

Go on a family trip :

If it is your child’s first birthday, then you must be longing for one family trip. It is quite obvious that the last whole year you were having a hectic schedule with your bundle of joy, and found less/no time to spend some quality time with other family members. So, this is a great opportunity to break the monotony. Plan a trip to a place that is child friendly such as a beach resort. At this stage, your little one is going through the sensory phase where he will find nature quite interesting. Let him feel the grass kissing his tiny feet, or water flowing down on his hand, or just let him explore the beachside while playing with the sand.

Arrange a special photo session :

Caregivers of Montessori City of Industry, CA suggest parents arranging for a special photo session of the little one. Everyone loves a good picture. Your baby may not enjoy the experience now, but in the future, while browsing through the family photo album he would find them engaging and fascinating. It is always good to create some memories, and when your kid grows up, these pictures would help you to remember those special moments. To make it happen you just need to hire specialist baby photographers. You can fix a meeting with the photographer and share your requirements with him. Accordingly, he will arrange the lights, props, backgrounds everything.

Spend the day at the orphanage :

If you really want to celebrate your kid’s first birthday differently, without throwing any lavish party, then you can consider this option. According to the teachers of the Montessori City of Industry, CA spending a whole day at an orphanage would be a great idea as your child will get the opportunity to mingle with other kids. You can take some food and gifts along with you to the orphanage and let your child share those with them. Going forward these types of experiences will help him to strengthen his social skills and learn the value of sharing resources with others.