4 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child To A Montessori School

Do you know what is common between Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Bill Gates, and Will Wright? Well apart from the fact that all of these men are super successful in their life, and innovators in their fields, the other common thing is that they all started their education in a Montessori school. Studies have shown that children who start their education in a Montessori environment, perform better in studies, social life and in being pioneers. So, if you are still wondering whether to send your little one to the nearest Montessori in Covina, CA, here are four reasons that say yes.

Value-based education

Learning in the Montessori system does not mean memorizing knowledge; rather, the aim is to make children understand the concept and then apply that to gain knowledge. Hence, the quality of the lesson is far more important than the quantity of the lesson. Plus, since each child has their own capacity to grasp an idea, the lesson plan in a Montessori system is created in such a way that a child will learn it at his or her own pace. Moreover, most of the time books or such visual items are not used to make a concept clear to the child. Rather, toys designed for each concept are used for children to grasp that. By playing with such educational toys, the children learn a concept as well as see it being applied in real life and this lesson stays with them for their lifetime.

Holistic learning and confidence building

Montessori education aims to nurture young children into an adult with a well-developed character. Hence, along with teaching the preschoolers alphabets and numbers, Montessori schools also make sure that they learn how to have good social skills and moral values. Their lesson plans make sure that they have excellent motor, speech, and collaborative skills. These give the child a foundation for becoming self-confident individuals with good social skills and innovative thinking.

Encourage emotional development

Children are most vulnerable in their preschool days and even a minor incident can leave behind lifelong effects. This is why the Montessori method pays great importance to the emotional development of the children. The role of the teacher is like a guide in a Montessori classroom; they are there to guide the children as they interact with each other and learn. They take special care to read a child’s emotional needs and encourage them to communicate more on their emotional wellbeing. They are there to help a child understand their emotion so that they grow up to be emotionally mature and ready to handle the real world.

Encourage independent behavior

As said before, teachers or guides in a Montessori in Covina, CA, guide the students under them; so, they let the children do everyday stuff on their own. It includes playing and learning on their own, organizing their bag as well as the classroom, and being responsible for their own things. Plus, they encourage children to make their own decisions and ask questions when they counter some block. All these lead to children who have independent thinking and behavior. They are more ready for the real world than other children of their age group.

So, these are the four reasons why Montessori teaching is the best way to start your child’s educational journey.