How To Handle Shy Children

Some children are naturally shy and they are slow to warm up or feel uncomfortable in a social situation that is completely new to them. Some toddlers are so shy that when they meet a stranger or are brought to a gathering, they will cling to their parents, or will cry. To avoid social interaction they hide their faces behind their parents, move or turn away or keep their eyes closed. A shy child may avoid answering in the class, do not want to talk with other children who are unfamiliar to him or her, and prefer to sit back alone and watch other’s activities. A preschool caregiver in West Covina, CA, tells that it is very tough to handle these types of shy children. Lots of patience love and care are needed to bring them back to normalcy. But, nothing is impossible.

Some preschool caregivers think that shyness has positive aspects too. Bashfulness is better than excessive naughtiness or hyperactivity because shy children listen to others attentively and carefully. For this reason, some of them do well in their studies. As they do not want to socialize with others they do not fall into trouble or do not bad behave either with peers or with caregivers. Shy children prefer to sit in one place and for this reason, they are easy to look after.

In an annual meeting when some anxious parents wanted to know the reason behind the sheepishness of their children, and a reputed child psychologist ofWest Covina, CA, answered. According to him, some children are shy genetically and they are emotionally sensitive. If parents are introvert by nature, there is a great chance that their children will be timid too because a child first sees his parents in his life and imitate him. Some children of a broken family are shy too. The bashfulness of a child also depends on the lack of social interaction sometimes. Children who have been isolated from others for the first few years of their lives may not have the social skills that enable easy interaction with unfamiliar people. Sometimes harsh criticism of parents and being bullied by siblings kids become sheepish children. Some children become shy from fear of failure. When children are pushed too many times beyond their capabilities and feel bad when they cannot fulfill their overambitious parents, they become shy.

A preschool caregiver in West Covina, CA tells that some children overcome this shyness naturally as they grow old and for some children efforts from parents, family members, as well as caregivers, are needed to overcome this bashfulness. They also request parents not to criticize the children for their coyness, rather become supportive, empathetic, and understanding. Parents may share personal coping strategies to overcome shyness that helped a lot when they were a child. Praise your children even when they show very little progress. Despite taking all these cares, if your child cannot come out from their sheepishness, do not hesitate to take the help of a professional.