5 Super Fun Summer Camp Activities You Can Do At Home

Summer is that time of the year when everyone wants to escape from the monotonous day-to-day activities of life and indulge in some activities to make the time happier. At the same time, now it has become quite challenging for the parents to keep their little ones engaged in some creative and productive manner. Hence, the Child care experts have brought to you some super fun and exciting summer camp activities that you can easily do at home with your kids.

Best Summer Camp Activities for Preschoolers :

Here you can find the most exciting summer camp activity ideas to do at home.

Nature Scavenger Hunt : Summer is the perfect season to explore nature with kids, whether it is at the local park or in your backyard or terrace garden. Encourage your kids to make notes on a paper while they are observing bugs, insects, flowers, leaves, etc in the garden. You can even give them a zip lock pouch or a glass jar where they can collect various natural objects like dry leaves or flowers or tree branches etc. This activity would help them to make a strong bond with nature as well as become more responsible towards the environment.

Spray painting : Spray painting is a very popular summer camp activity as it let kids express their creativity and have fun with colors. You just need a plain white t-shirt and some cans of spray colors and watch the magic happen. This is quite fun and exciting to see some whacky and original ideas flowing from the kids’ brain. In Covina, CA preschool summer camps, teachers used to do this activity with kids to boost their creativity and imagination.

Water Games : Who does not like splashing in the water on hot summer days? In summer camps teachers always plan some friendly competition and water games to help children cool off. You can also plan some backyard water games like sprinkler limbo, or sponge dodgeball or create a basic outdoor obstacle course that includes water balloons, buckets, etc. Kids will love playing these water games.

Ice-Cream Social : This is a very popular summer camp activity to enhance children’s social and communication skills. Ice-Cream Social helps kids of various ages communicate with each other, make some new friends and celebrate the season. Make ice creams at home with your kids or buy ice cream and sundae toppings and invite some neighborhood kids from the same Child care center to mingle and play. If you want to serve a lighter summer snack to the kids, then you can try fruity homemade popsicles.

Rainy day Read a Thon : In summer, it may rain sometimes and rainy days are the perfect time to hit the bunk with a good book. If you have a library in your locality, then take your kids there and encourage them to collect some books from their favorite genres. This activity would also develop their reading and comprehension skills. If you do not go out to collect the books, try ordering some titles online.