5 Best Friendship Songs for Preschoolers and Kids

The early years in a child’s life are the most wonderful and precious time for their healthy development. It is during these years that they explore and learn about the world around them and see it through their innocent eyes. They establish honest connections with their teachers and peers in Preschool and make strong bonds with people around them. At this age, friendship is genuine and wonderful.

Top Friendship Songs for Preschoolers:

If you want to teach your kids some lessons about friendships, then songs can help you in a super fun way. If you can find an appropriate song with a strong message about friendship, then it will make things easier for you and you can also make sure they don’t forget their learnings easily. So, are you wondering which friendship songs to play for your kids? Here you can find a curated list of songs with simple lyrics and happy music.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me :

This song is an ideal choice to teach your kids to make friends in school. This classic song is from the famous movie Toy Story, a fascinating and enchanting tale about friendship. The lyrics are quite simple and talks about the fundamental nature of friendship. It has a catchy and fun melody, and the song is easy to sing along for the preschoolers. After listening to the song a few times, they will start humming the song.

That’s What Friends Are For :

This is an awesome song about the singer and his friends who are going back to school after their summer vacation. Through the song, the singer talks about how life is beautiful and easier with his friends. In Walnut, CA playschools, teachers play this song and welcome their students when they come back to school after a long recess.

Peace Like a River :

Peace like a river is a famous children’s song that talks about being happy, and loving, which are very important to lead a peaceful life. The repetitive lyrics of the song make it very easy and simple for the kids to understand. The song has a fun, playful tune which is making it an ideal best friend song for kids.

Put a Little Love in Your Heart :

This is another widely famous song from the superhit children’s movie “Stuart Little”. The lyrics of the song talk about helping others and spreading love. Listening to this song Preschool kids learn that being kind and friendly to everyone around you is imperative to make this world a happy place to live in.

True Colors :

‘True Colors’ is a popular song from the movie “Trolls” that talks about being yourself and reliable between friends. The lyrics are very simple with a very catchy tune. It is an amazing song about how friendships can help you to be happy even when you are feeling upset.

Whenever you have time, sing these famous friendship songs along with your kids and make your time more entertaining with your kids.